My response is my responsibility

I’ve been reading a couple of really great books by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  The first is titled “Love & Respect“.  The book is for Married couples and if you are married…I would highly recommend this book, but that’s not the reason I’m making this post.

The book ends finalizing everything that is covered with one key statement: “My response is my responsibility”.   This one statement has had a truly powerful impact on me, but not for just my marriage, but for so many different things.

My response is my responsibility

This statement has really touched a nerve in me that has built up over the past several months as I’ve struggled with a great multitude of many things in my life.  Not just my marriage, but in me.   It’s not something that hasn’t been told to me a thousand times, and I’ve always known, that the words I choose to speak verbally or electronically 🙂 Have a profound impact and lasting message in representing everything about me and how people interpret me.

My response is my responsibility

The only thing one has to realize is that it doesn’t matter what you think of yourself, or how others perceive you, because it boils down your actions and responses in EVERYTHING.

I have always prided myself in my ability to respond very quickly, and provide an “Answer” to something, and I always feel “Bad” if I can’t come up with a quick response to help someone out with their request, need, or desire.  I would look at that as a failure in me, in not being able to provide an answer or response in a timely fashion, but after reading this book; thinking about this simple statement; meditating and praying; I’ve come to realize that something I pride myself so much on, is probably one of my biggest problems 🙂 :).

My response is my responsibility

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been approached and told “Hey Keith, slow down and think about that for a moment…don’t be so rushed to reply; answer; and respond”, and it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time.   Sure, they told me that I have this tendency, and I’ve been working on it 🙂  But allot of times, I always “Allow” the excuse of time, and things like “Well, some people can’t read emotion in email” 🙂 and “Hey, understand I’m very busy…I’ll have to work with that person to instruct them that it’s not me, it’s how their interpreting what I said” only to realize that probably 98% of the time, it IS because of what I said :).

My response is my responsibility

I’ve been working this statement through my head for the last week, and I can’t express to you how many things have been revealed to me about myself in “EVERYTHING” I do, that I’ve sat back…burst out with laughter as I realized “Oh dear, it was me all along”, because no one can truly see me for what I am, than in my responses.  I HAVE to stop, think about what I need to say, and then say it responsibly.

I’m not saying I’m a bad person, and that I’ve stated cruel things, or laughing about what I may have stated before, but laughing with the realization that “I got it!” about myself, and I’ve been completely missing the boat for so long :).

My response is my responsibility

The next time your sitting there, and you’re chatting with a family member; a friend; a co-worker; your boss; sending an email…Remember, your response is your responsibility.

I have to get back to work now….just thought I’d share 🙂

– Keith

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Get the balance right

“Don’t turn this way, don’t turn that way, straight down the middle until next Thursday.

Push to the left, back to the right

twist and turn till you got it right.

Get the balance right, get the balance right.”


I just realized it’s been ages since I’ve posting something on my “History of Musical Influences” series of postings…but this week, I’ve been completely stuck in the 80’s.  I need to post the next part of that series, but regardless…Listening to all my favorite music form the 80’s, has made me think of where I came from, what I’ve done with my life, and where I want to take myself moving forward.  In a sense you could say this is part II of my “Found my life again” posting.

Since posting that, I’ve been trying to adjust other things in my life, and due to my own personal reflection and comments from family members, you realize one thing first and formost:  Change is hard and never ending!

I look back to Circa 1985, and go “Oh dear, what was I thinking….”, but I look back to “The summer of 85” and realize this is the time when I started “Getting it”.  I started “getting” what was going to be important for me to do.  I say that my days of “youth” ended that year.  Sure…There’s been times where I’ve fallen, did stupid things, didn’t act like an adult (And most days I’m still not acting like an adult :)), but since then, I’ve pretty much gone non-stop in my relentless persuit to “Take care of business” that I’ve failed to realize just what that business is that I need to take of. 

Listening to all my old favorite tunes, this one comes at me like a brick.

I’ve got to learn how to “Get the balance right”.

Ok, that’s enough on this…and yeah, if you’re questioning…That’s me circa 1985.  (Hey, it was the 80’s  we all dressed like that…didn’t we?)

 – Keith

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SPWeb.HasUniqueRoleDefinitions useless?

I’ve been in the trenches updating DeliverPoint to work with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0/Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for the past 3 months and thought I’d take a moment to start blogging some issues I’ve found along the way yet have not had the time to post yet.  

Apparently SPWeb.HasUniqueRoleDefintions does not always report accurately.

From the SDK as of 04-10-2007:


Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the role definitions are uniquely defined for this Web site or inherited from a parent Web site.

But here’s the problem.

Regardless if HasUnqiueRoleDefinitions is true or false, when you access the ParentWeb property of the SPRoleDefinition you get from the SPWeb.RoleDefinitions collection, ParentWeb always returns a reference to the same web the collection is being derived from.  I.e., it never points to any other web.

So if by chance you were working with a SPRoleDefinition for a SPWeb where HasUniqueRoleDefinitions was false, and you accessed SPRoleDefinition.ParentWeb, you would in fact get that web.  SPRoleDefinition.ParentWeb always refers to the web the collection was derived from.  Therefore from a reference to SPRoleDefinition.ParentWeb, I could not enumerate the proper RoleDefinition collection from ParentWeb.RoleDefinitions.  It’s possible that said SPRoleDefinition doesn’t even belong in that collection.

This means one of three different possibilities

1) Role Definitions are truly uniquely defined at every web (Just like the old V2 “Group”….That’s really what they are), and HasUniqueRoleDefinitions is something that was an “Idea” but was never fleshed out, because the concept of Role Definition inheritance never was fully fleshed out, or

2) I’ve misread the purpose of this property, and relating it to the RoleDefinition collection for the web, i.e…Just because HasUniqueRoleDefinitions might be True, does not mean that you can access the SPWeb.RoleDefinitions to get to those unique Role Definitions at that web.

3) SPWeb.hasUniqueRoleDefintions is flat out busted.

Regardless, I can’t rely on it, and I can’t wait for a hotfix to be released and take a dependency on the hotfix or a later service pack…So, I’ve “worked around” the problem :).

 – Keith