Reviving SPSiteManager

As noted in my previous post, The SharePoint Utility Suite is Dead, my goal was to not enhance them, nor could I provide any real support for them.   There were also licensing issues that needed to be dealt with.

Since then, I have had some discussions with key Microsoft folks about re-posting some of the tools, and I am happy to say that I will be, but only for support with SPS2003/WSS2.0.  

I will need to place some additional version checking code into them, and it will include some important fixes in it before it was taken down.

I’ll be re-introducing SPSiteManager first, as that is the primary need…It’s ability to help with detecting capacity planning exceptions and repartitioning sites in V2.  It was found that these features were critical in helping customers plan for the V3 upgrades, and I am happy to have the opportunity to get it back out there for use and assistance with getting customers onto the latest and greatest SharePoint platform.

Stay tuned!


 – Keith

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