The Java Ranch(My new remote office)

Anyone who has ever met me or worked with me, know that I basically live on Coffee.聽 If I’m ever hospitalized again, I’ll probably have to have a Columbian or French Roast brew fed to me via an intravenous injection to keep me alive.聽

I like to get out as much as possible and work remotely for a variety of reasons:

  1. Being at the house ALL DAY LONG can drive me crazy
  2. I hear fresh air is good for you.
  3. I just traded in my Soccer Mom minivan for a 2005 Ford Mustang, and I really freakin’ enjoy driving that thing 馃檪 And I don’t get to do it that often.
  4. The change of environment is also conducive to re-energizing me halfway through the day.

Since I don’t have a portable battery operated coffee brewer, and I just can’t find a Thermos big enough to hold the necessary volume of brew that I need (Ah, I hear that wonderful song from The Jerk in my head now…”I’m picking out a thermos for you…..not an ordinary thermos will do…), I’d generally like to be at SOME coffee shop to work.

I’m also not a major Starbucks fan for a couple of reasons:

  1. Seattle’s Best Coffee is better 馃檪
  2. Their wireless is not free, and I don’t want to pay yet another fee for a wireless provider that may not be everywhere 馃檪

I can connect of course via tethering on my phone, but it’s always nice to have a good wireless connection available when you need it.

The only sorta local shop I’ve found that has decent coffee and free wireless is Panerra Bread (And I have to thank Todd Bleaker for turning on to them…Thanks Todd!!)

The problem is where I live, it’s not just a quick hop in the car, and drive for only 5-10 minutes to get there.聽 Nope, it literally takes me roughly 20-30 minutes to get there.聽 Not an efficient use of my time.聽 That was until today….

About a month ago, I noticed a new coffee shop open up near my house, “The Java-Ranch“, and I’ve been meaning to stop by there and see if they have wireless.聽


Now, if dat ain’t Texas fer ya’…I jus’ don know wad is.

It’s not down my normal driving paths, but still only about a 5 minute drive away.聽聽 I finally stopped in there today, and yep…they do have free wireless!! (Well, included with the purchase of any of their fine brews).

What’s even better, it is totally a one of a kind; completely self owned and family operated; Very comfortable and flat out not a darn bad looking place!

Here’s a few shots to give you an glance of my new remote office (Sorry, the quality isn’t great…stupid camera phone).

JavaRanch_01 JavaRanch_03 JavaRanch_04聽聽 JavaRanch_02

Now, if ONLY there was a Cigar shop next door, ah……..Heaven.

Office 2007 SP1 Links

FYI, thanks to L.L., here is a comprehensive list of the Office 2007 SP1 links

Compatibility Pack

Calendar Printing Assistant

Expression Web



Office Language Packs

Office Web Components

PowerPoint Viewer


Project Language Pack

Proofing Tools

Servers (MOSS, Project, Forms, Groove)

Server Language Packs, x86

Server Language Packs, x64

SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer Language Pack


Visio Language Pack

Visio Viewer

Windows SharePoint Services

Windows SharePoint Services Language Pack

Windows SharePoint Services Language Pack, x64

Windows SharePoint Services with SP1 (slipstream)

Windows SharePoint Services with SP1, x64 (slipstream)

Ask Phaedra

Back in the late 1980’s, a good friend of mine and I decided to team up and do a comic strip together.聽 He was an aspiring cartoonist, and I was just fortunate enough to be his friend with a few good ideas 馃檪

The following is one of the comics he and I had syndicated at one time, called “Ask Phaedra”.聽 The name Phaedra means “Very Bright” or “Very Intelligent, and has it’s root sin Greek Mythology.

I thought it would be cute to do a series about a little girl (Named Phaedra of course) and her little brother.聽 Considering she knew the roots of her name, she believed she was the smartest kid on earth, but of course, she was just a smart-ellic :).

Any ways, here’s one in the series from November 20th, 1989.

Ask Phaedra 11-20-1989

If you would like to see more, let me know, and I’ll post more, along with a couple of the other series we had syndicated for a while.