Lack of SharePoint Content

I’ve had quite a few people ask me why I haven’t posted any SharePoint related content in a while, or why it’s been very limited.  The truth of the matter is, my primary focus over the past few months has had little to do with the actual SharePoint OM.  My focus has been on DirectoryServices and SQL.  It’s a little saddening, but I hope to venture back into more SharePoint specific areas soon.

– Keith

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

Thedarktower7.jpgMan….I went to the book store the other day, to pick up a couple of selections for a friend, and to also get my little girl a couple more books, and what was on sale?  The final two books of the The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

I had finally found the time to start reading the 5th book in the series (Wolves of the Calla) a couple of years ago before I got back into “Busy Mode”, and have not had a chance to pick it back up, but now that I have the complete collection (Most in hardback…I love hardback books vs paperback for my favorite authors), I’m considering starting over….so the stories are fresh in my head.

In fact, I’m considering my next series of music releases based on this series because I love it so much.

Hmmmm…I dunno, musical inspiration may be back now….  I’m looking SO Forward to it.

– Keith