SPSiteBuilder 3.0 re-released with Source

I had placed my 3.0 version of SPSiteBuilder (For WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007) on codeplex previously as it was referenced in a book by good friend and SharePoint MVP Ben Curry.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get the code up there 🙂  And the reminder for me to do it got lost in the plethora of tasks I needed to accomplish, and therefore the project was removed.  I’m happy to say, I finally took care of that today and you can now get SPSiteBuilder (with source) from http://www.codeplex.com/spsitebuilder

The purpose of the SharePoint Site Builder (SPSiteBuilder) is to assist customers with performing SharePoint Site Collection build outs for testing purposes. Primarily for load testing, etc. This sample source can be compiled to produce a tool that will allow you to easily create multiple hierarchies of site collections.

My apologies to those who followed the link before and found nothing 🙂


My Resume and new adventures in 2009!

As I prepare for 2009, I thought it would not be a bad idea to go ahead and post my resume here as I seek out new employment opportunities.

Serious inquiries please email me through this blog.

Thanks all and a happy new year!


Resume for Keith Richie



Seeking a challenging development position where I can continue to expand upon my knowledge of SharePoint and .NET related technologies.


Senior Software Engineer

January 2007 – December 2008

Barracuda /A Division of Mindsharp/English,Bleeker & Assoc.

  • Ported the company’s existing product “DeliverPoint” from a SharePoint V2 codebase to utilize WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007. DeliverPoint is an enterprise class application primarily focused with User Management related operations such as Cloning/Deleting/Transferring account principles within a SharePoint farm.
  • Updated .NET/C# code for use of SharePoint V3 Object Model.
  • Implemented SharePoint Farm Crawler to alleviate problems with memory pressure issues rising from improper disposal of SharePoint objects. Also allows other developers to hook into the engine, to receive information as it is discovered in SharePoint.
  • Implemented Active Directory crawler to provide robust group expansion for the DeliverPoint product.
  • Design tables/Create necessary T-SQL stored procedures for DeliverPoint backend database.
  • Responsible for design/implementation of new system features.
  • Mentor the Barracuda Support Staff on engagements with customers and assist with customer support issues.

Senior Support Consultant

February 2006 – January 2007

Microsoft – Alliance/PFE-DDS

  • Supporting enterprise customers with SharePoint.
  • Developed/Enhanced the SharePoint Utility Suite for WSS 2.0/SPS2003 which became the number 1 download on the Microsoft Web Component Directory, used by the Product Group to assist customers during Beta for preparation of systems for MOSS deployments (Used to analyze and detect problems on WSS 2.0/SPS2003)
  • Provided technical and development assistance to members of the Escalation Services and Product Support Services members for case assistance
  • Worked with the SharePoint Product Groups to diagnose issues, report bugs, and called upon frequently to investigate issues for some of the largest Microsoft customers.

Escalation Engineer

March 2000 – February 2006

Microsoft – Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services.

As an Escalation Engineer (EE) we represent the last line of support for the most demanding of issues related to SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services

As an EE I was tasked with:

  • Resolving the most the most technically and politically challenging customer issues
  • Engaging and being a resource to the larger SharePoint PSS group.
  • Researching, diagnosing, and writing code to further diagnose and resolve customer’s issues.
  • Employing advanced tools and diagnostics to analyze source code.
  • Making recommendations to the development team on improvements to product
  • Isolating defects to the faulting line(s) of code.
  • Writing tools to further analyze problem or improve the overall SharePoint experience.

All of these things within very compressed timeframes. What this really means is on a typical day the vast majority of my time is spent mentoring, debugging and researching issues I am currently involved in, and overall contributing to the success of those around me. By using knowledge of software design and programming in conjunction with general product knowledge, it allows people in our group to bridge the gap between the typical end to end support troubleshooting methodologies and the very focused, specific code level knowledge of a developer.

Software Developer

March 1996 – March 2000

Custom Credit Systems

  • Developed tools and enhancements to company’s in house scripting language for custom software development of commercial financial systems.
  • Maintain systems after development and work with customers to ensure system uptime.
  • Travel to customer sites and work with them on implementation and design of custom solutions

Software Developer

March 1994 – March 1996

Creative Programming

  • Maintain and develop custom user interface library for DOS written in C/C++
  • Developed event driven designer for generating code to utilize user interface library
  • Converted code base to run on UNIX systems utilizing termcap.
  • Maintained and wrote fixes, and service packs for UI library


I led a virtual team of Microsoft Software Support engineers in producing and releasing a collection of SharePoint diagnostics and administrative tools called “The SharePoint Utility Suite”
This suite of tools (which included SPUserUtil and SPSiteManager) advances and allows our customers to achieve deployment and ROI goals by filling in the gap of necessary administrative tools between releases of the product

Certifications and Awards

Certification: MSCD Visual C 6.0
Date Completed: 7/1/2000

Microsoft MVP – Windows Server: Windows SharePoint Services July 2007-2008


References are available on request.