When death finds you

death-ipad-wallpaperI lie waiting throughout the year,

For that one day when I rise, and screams are what I hear.

Rising from my grave; ripping through the webbed mesh,

As worms burrow through my aging dead flesh.

My sinew is your fear, as I wait for you to sleep,

Rotting flesh and dripping blood are the companions that I keep.

I creep to your home, crawling through the night,

I sneak my way in, and slowly turn out the light.

Your fear of things that go bump in the night,

Leads me to you, drawn close by your fright.

Rotting flesh, crackling bones, and all things of gore,

Fill your dreams, as I slip through your darkened door.

A deathly cold breath, a smell rancid and stale,

Your eyes slowly open, your life leaves in your exhale.

I salivate as I drag you back to my hole,

And I savor, the sweet taste of your innocent soul.


Happy Halloween!

Be safe folks!

– Keith

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La Famille Du Solénoïde –A Review

Sean McDonough recently posted a review of my La Famille Du Solénoïde release on Amazon. 


“I’ve been listening to this release for the last few weeks while I’ve been working, and I’ve enjoyed it greatly. I continue to find myself stopping to listen to sections and segments that catch my attention.”

Thanks for the kind words Sean!

Read the entire review here!

La Famille Du Solénoïde (and other releases) are also available on the majority of Digital Music services such as (but not limited to)

  • Zune
  • iTunes
  • Amazon MP3
  • Spotify
  • Last.FM
  • Rhapsody


– Keith