Giver of Life (Sol) – Quoted Video

Giver of Life (Sol) – Quoted Video

With all of my albums, I release “Album Art” videos of each song and publish them on YouTube.   If you have kept up on my latest postings, you may have read my “Behind the Music – La famille du solénoïde” article where I take the reader (you) through an audio tour of a specific album I have released. In the article I note that I was heavily inspired by the book “The Planets” by author Dava Sobel.

After creating that article, I reached out to Ms. Sobel and after a few exchanges in email she has graciously given me permission to use quotes from the book in new videos I’m putting together to promote the La famille du solénoïde album.

This morning I completed and uploaded the first in a series of new videos for La famille du solénoïde and you can watch it right now by clicking below.

Giver of Life (Sol) – With quotes from “The Planets” by Dava Sobel

Once again I want to thank Ms. Sobel for her generosity and blessings in allowing me to use the quotes from her wonderful book The Planets.

I hope you enjoy, and look forward to the next video “Thief in the Night (Mercury)” with more quotes from the book.

– Keith Richie

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