Announcing VR:1

You may remember this post from a few short months ago where I announced a collaboration project with my good friend and fellow SharePoint/Musician Geoff Varosky that we are calling “VR”.

Well, today I’m very happy and proud to announce to you the fruits of our collaboration in the form of our debut album VR:1.

This debut album constitutes the collective energy we both share in regards to ambient and electronic music, and is an absolute pleasure to work on.

Please give it a listen through and let us know your thoughts!

– Keith and Geoff


Introducing the Code Elektro ‘Wolf’ Podcast Series


“… It’s important for me that this story is being told.”

Vehlinggo is proud to present something new to the blog: A podcast featuring an artist discussing one of their albums in-depth. For this and the next several weeks, the blog will feature Code Elektro (AKA Martin Ahm) discussing each of the 11 cuts on Wolf, his most recent album and one that has earned him global accolades and a legion of fans.

4 VINYL_CodeElektro_WOLF_FRONT Art by Kilian Eng and Niclas Mortensen.

The Denmark-based Ahm’s talented work comprises some of the most compelling, well-performed, and well-arranged instrumental synth albums out there — pairing his own intuition with inspiration from the likes of Vangelis, Daft Punk, and John Carpenter. He got our attention in 2015 with Superstrings before unleashing Wolf last year.

Going forward, Code Elektro’s slated to feature on Lakeshore Records’ The Rise of the Synths companion album alongside the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Com…

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Gunslinger Released!

Today I’m releasing the first album in a series based on The Dark Tower books by Stephen King titled Gunslinger – A Journey to The Dark Tower in Music.

You can get it from my Bandcamp site by clicking right here where you will also be able to stream every single track to sample the album before your purchase.  Gunslinger will also be released to all the major digital distribution sites over the next few weeks.

I’m truly happy and very satisfied with the outcome of Gunslinger and I want to thank each and every single one of my fans who had the opportunity to hear an early version of the album before it’s release.  Your feedback was invaluable to making Gunslinger the best it could be.

You can read more about Gunslinger by clicking here, or just head on over to the Bandcamp page for Gunslinger to get your copy today!

Long days and pleasant nights!

– Keith Richie