Gunslinger – Keith Richie

An awesome review of my album Gunslinger!

Resounding Footsteps

Albums based on books are pretty common. At least half of the dungeon synth album I’ve listened to are based on Lovecraft, Tolkien, or someone else’s literary works. Black metal and dark ambient are the same, taking cues from literature to craft an engaging and exciting album. Each looking to find some nugget or perspective that has been done to death already. Keith Richie, an artist that doesn’t really fit into any solid category, released an album called Gunslinger in May that blends dark ambient and electronica with good old dungeon synth. As you may have guessed, it’s based on the epic Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I think it’s no coincidence that I found this album when I did, mere months before the release of the movie. Whether by algorithms or by divine intervention, I have not been able to stop listening to this album. When I’m cooking…

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