Gunslinger Released!

Today I’m releasing the first album in a series based on The Dark Tower books by Stephen King titled Gunslinger – A Journey to The Dark Tower in Music.

You can get it from my Bandcamp site by clicking right here where you will also be able to stream every single track to sample the album before your purchase.  Gunslinger will also be released to all the major digital distribution sites over the next few weeks.

I’m truly happy and very satisfied with the outcome of Gunslinger and I want to thank each and every single one of my fans who had the opportunity to hear an early version of the album before it’s release.  Your feedback was invaluable to making Gunslinger the best it could be.

You can read more about Gunslinger by clicking here, or just head on over to the Bandcamp page for Gunslinger to get your copy today!

Long days and pleasant nights!

– Keith Richie



Under your bed and hiding in your closet

What scares you?

Is it the fact that a door was left open to a room or closet that is dark and foreboding?  Is it the noise you just heard from down the hall, when no one else is in the house? Is it that feeling that someone is behind you, stalking you and waiting for that moment for you to turn around to look?

For me, it’s all the above 🙂 But I love it!  But what I love more, is the vast collection of eerie and creepy soundtrack music that is produced around the Horror / Thriller genre of motion pictures.

That’s why I created this playlist on Spotify.  To help collect some of the music found in horror / thriller movies that inspire me, and I find creepy.  It also contains a lot of material that I found inspiring when I created March of the Inanimate: Repossessed and Mister Stichs.

I plan to update the following playlist often, so head on over to Spotify and check it out!

Sleep tight!

– Keith

Face your Fear! The Halloween Season is Here!

Update: From now until October 31st, 2016 you can use the discount code of “halloween2016” (without the quotes) to get 25% off of your purchase of my new Horror / Halloween inspired album Mister Stichs!  Just use the code at checkout from my Bandcamp site to take advantage of the discount!  Prefer to get something else from my catalog? Well good news, you can use that same discount code on ANYTHING from my catalog!

The Halloween Season is upon us, and you know what that means. It means many of you will either be visiting Haunted Attractions or hosting them yourselves.  If you are hosting your own attraction, you’re surely going to need some eerie and foreboding music to play, so I have the perfect solution for you!

You may have noticed that I recently released my bi-annual Horror/Halloween themed album titled Mister Stichs.  I also released and updated and expanded edition of March of the Inanimate.  Both albums feature  eerie and foreboding music that is just perfect for a haunt; listening to on a long drive down dark roads; visits to grave yards; or anything to help with that creep factor.

Mister Stichs tells the story of a family who moves from their home in Downey, California to a rustic country house in Texas, they then begin to feel an ominous presence pervading through the house and lands surrounding it.

After coming in contact with the darkness first hand, the family is thrust into a crucible of madness that sends them into a spiral of terror and threatens to tear them apart.

Can they thwart the unspeakable evil of their stalker? Or will the vengeance of Mister Stichs leave them splintered, and clawing for sanity?

Ben Dugas of Zone Music reporter says that Mister Stichs is “A sophisticated and unrelenting journey into darkness“.  Also, Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio had this to say “Not only is ‘Mister Stichs’ impressively reminiscent of a John Carpenter film score, the album also greatly reminds me of Tangerine Dream (whom Keith is likewise admirable of). He makes fantastic use of modern and vintage synthesizers, along with riveting and realistic-seeming surround-sound effects that boasts continually alternating intervals of serenity and suspense. Proving once again that Keith Richie easily ranks among today’s best electronic music composers, ‘Mister Stichs’ is not to be missed, especially, by fans of both John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream”

March of the Inanimate: Repossessed provides a musical journey about a man possessed by the desire to live, who searches an abandoned home for a lost treasure that could hold the key to the mystery of mastering death. However, when he finally finds what he is looking for, he uncovers a power far more sinister than he could have ever imagined.

As he tries to escape the entities that have come to devour his greed-laden soul, he finds himself unable to bear the weight of his own corrupted consciousness.

Can he find a way to shrug the burden of his sins? Or will he be destroyed by the creatures that march upon him with unseeing eyes?

Sleeping Bag Studios describes March this way: “Slowly building, this opus-magnum incorporates some very haunting piano-melody and an increased intensity in the dark-electro, pulsing rhythms. Again…considering the subject matter he’s based this music on – this fits right in there, right into the gritty underworld of horror-movie-mania; “March Of The Inanimate” is musically-menacing to say the very least.”

Can’t decide which album to get? No worries, I have a solution to that as well.  You could buy the Mister Stichs (Bundle of Stichs Edition) which contains both albums!

This bundle edition of Mister Stichs includes both the Mister Stichs and March of the Inanimate – Reppossessed Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtracks by Keith Richie, plus 3 additional bonus tracks and other bonus items not found in either soundtrack alone.

So go ahead and face your fear! Get your copy today!