Xenogenesis Volume 1: Dawn

Xenogenesis - Cover Art.png

Xenogenesis Volume 1: Dawn

Available: 8/1/2018


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I’d like to let you know that I have launched a Crowdfund campaign for my next album titled Xenogenesis Volume 1: Dawn!  The campaign runs until July 3rd 2018 and I’d love your support or help in spreading the news about it! Just click here to check it out!

I can’t wait to share the album in full with you!


An Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtrack based on the first book (Dawn) of the Lilith’s Brood trilogy by Octavia E. Butler

Book Synopsis:

“Lilith Iyapo is in the Andes, mourning the death of her family, when war destroys Earth. Centuries later, she is resurrected — by miraculously powerful unearthly beings, the Oankali. Driven by an irresistible need to heal others, the Oankali are rescuing our dying planet by merging genetically with mankind. But Lilith and all humanity must now share the world with uncanny, unimaginably alien creatures: their own children. This is their story…”




Coming Soon.